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All About Creation

Recipe Development & Brand Ambassadorship

In need of creative recipes to show off your brands or products? Let me get creative and I’ll develop suitable recipes to show your product off at its best.

Looking for a content creator or ambassador? I love to create thoughtful culinary content.

Behind the scenes of making Torta della Nonna - iPhone filming a table with flour, rolling board etc.

All About the Flavor

Private Chef Events & Culinary Consultations

Are you organizing or hosting an important event, but have no clue what to serve? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Allow me to create the perfect menu for your event, including all the recipes with a step-by-step guide for you to follow. I’ll be your consultant throughout the entire process of planning your culinary event.

Do you just want to sit back and get pampered instead? Yay, even more fun! Book me as your private chef for your event!

Making of Mini Carrot Cake
Making of Mini Carrot Cake

All About Project Management

Project Management

Are you planning a big, private or corporate event and need support in executing it? I have 7 years of experience working as a Senior Project Manager and Consultant in tourism and for event agencies. I’ve done private events, corporate events, festivals, weddings, etc.

Let me give you the support you need in order to make your event a success.

My work is…



The outcome of anything is so much better when you put your passion and energy into it. That’s why I do what I love and this is how I approach all of my projects and collaborations.



A partnership only makes sense if the same values are shared. Authenticity and credibility are key for me and that is the reason I look for partnerships that are compatible.



I want to deliver the best results to my clients and I’ll go the extra mile to do so.

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