Hello there,
I’m Andrea!

The chef, recipe creator, adventurer, and soul of this blog.

Food has always played an important role in my life. When I was little, I was brought up to understand that food is connected to joy. My grandparents and my parents alike devoted hours to prepare family dinners and transformed our family gatherings into incredible feasts. They wanted to create more than just a fulfilling meal. Through their cooking they wanted to create joyful moments, emotions, and unforgettable gatherings. And they did.

I believe that good food has the ability to bring people together and to turn everyday moments into lasting memories. And that’s exactly what my aim is with this blog.

Here, I’ve created recipes that you can share with your loved ones: recipes for dinners with your friends, for special occasions, for celebrations or just to indulge yourself. I hope to inspire you to love food and cooking, to encourage you to try something new, and to create more joy in your life with good food.

So what is good food? For me, it’s all about flavor, and flavor is the smell and taste of your food. In all my recipes, I intend to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients in the best possible way. I love pairing different, sometimes maybe unexpected, elements to enhance and balance their flavors, and sometimes, to also add a special twist to an everyday meal. And since I strive to create a feast for all the senses, I want to serve food that looks beautiful.

If you’re as passionate about food as I am, you’re in the exact right place. If you’re not, please stick around a little longer, I hope I can bring the joy of food to you, too.

Let’s make this place a community for the love of food. Can’t wait to connect with you all!

Love, Andrea



A little bit about my journey

After working in tourism and event management for years in my home, Switzerland, and abroad within the industry, I quit my job to move to Argentina with my husband for his job. I was given the opportunity to try new things, and I quickly realized I wanted to dive more into one of my passions: cooking. This’s how I started to educate myself in the kitchen and took several classes to train my knowledge and cooking skills.

I’ve always liked cooking and inviting friends over for dinner, and did it on a regular basis, but I never learned any cooking techniques. I basically just made things using a lot of trial and error. During my chef courses, I was fascinated by the new world that opened up to me. I was especially impressed by how easily you can improve your cooking skills, only by knowing a simple trick here and there… 



Now, I want to share this knowledge with you, too. Anyone who is interested can improve their cooking skills and become a great chef, and I would love to support you in that. 

When not experimenting in the kitchen, my favorite place is outdoors, especially in the mountains. I love to ground myself in nature, and breathing in fresh mountain air is the best thing there is, and exactly what I need to feel balanced.

I’ve dedicated this blog to culinary content, but I’m happy to share some of my outdoor adventures and personal journey on Instagram, too @andeast

Some random things about me


I love Italian food


I usually miss take-off when traveling because I'm already asleep


Mountains are my happy place


I can't get the day started without coffee


My guilty pleasure is singing in the shower


I get grumpy if I don't leave the house at least once a day


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